Rates and Fees

MG Merchant Services works with all kind of business, each with a different business method regardless of volume of transaction, transaction value or transaction frequency. Instead of having one rate plan to all merchants, we analyze your business and provide a merchant solution that not only satisfies your needs, but saves you money as well.

Be carefull

Unfortunately, not every merchant account provider is forthright, and some companies will mislead you by advertising very low debit rates (that only apply to accepting debit cards), and then find out the the credit card transactions rates are higher.
Avoid companies that offer a very attractive “introductory rate,” this rate will usually take a big jump a few weeks later.

Facts to Remember

If you are ready to apply for a merchant account but you are not sure which merchant account provider is right for you, we have some very important information to share with you; this information will help you filter out the companies that do not fit your needs.

1. MG Merchant Services will not lock you into contracts.
2. MG Merchant Services does not have any kind of hidden costs.
3. MG Merchant Services will not offer you “Introductory Rates,” only to later raise them and make you pay more.

MG Merchant Services has been a pioneer in this industry by applying the method of prices INTERCHANGE PLUS. This way we guarantee that our customers always pay the right percentage for each transaction.

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