Online Tickets

The technological excellence of VENDINI TICKETING SYSTEM and processing power MG MERCHANT SERVICES have created an integration where clients only win.

Exclusive offer for our customers:

Initial installation cost $995

Mobile sales teams tickets (scanner) $1,650 Mobile sales tickets

Reasons why you should use this system in your business:

With this tool you can sell your events on the Internet and through social networks! Thanks to integrating this platform entrance to your events can be viewed, shared and purchased a through Facebook, Twitter, the Walletini application and also on your Website. Instant access to thousands. The whole world can see and buy your event!
Not only you will give thousands of people the opportunity to buy your event through integration with social networks, but also this will be the perfect promotional tool to give all your services and make sure everyone knows you. In addition we also have email-marketing campaigns where you can import and create contact lists, collect emails of all customers who visit your page and create a database of your property with which you can create a marketing campaign you using all the tools that will give you, either by email, or by regular mail since you have the possibility to create custom labels. If so, we are the best in providing our customers the highest level of customization possible because for us each of you is unique and special!
For business owners this tool is a dream come true. Imagine being able to have control and reporting of all ticket sales that occur in your real-time business from anywhere. That’s what we offer in MG Merchant Vendini Ticketing System, you will be able to see the most advanced and detailed reports of your business, We put everything at your fingertips, with us you carry your business and your statistics where want this, either a lovely holiday or in your office, you will always be aware.
Our family of MGVTS puts their hands on a new definition of what is the control and organization, with us you will have absolutely everything about your event and admission, you will control remotely the time that they open and close sales, and may alter any time, you can set the overall capacity of the event as well as of that total, how many will be on sale and which are complimentary, you can also choose q way your customers using you’ll want to present their tickets and of course choose between a system of reserved seating a floor map that will be made by a team
professionals with more than 10 years of experience, etc…
With our product you will be unveiled as a unique and refined business, and our customers control tool lets you know which of your customers is regular in his business, which invests more money in their events, share more publications, donated to charity campaigns, and all that is creating a ranking with a mathematical algorithm designed to determine taking into all these factors, which are VIP customers, and will notify you when they come to your business allowing you to give different treatment, we collect information such as date birthday, gender, family etc, giving you all the tools to make a difference. And is that that is our goal, create unique events and making our customers are known for their excellence and wonderful service.


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