Hospitality Solutions

These are some of the features available on our P.O.S Hospitality systems.

General Features

Full Touch Screen compatible
Customizable Touch Screen
Separate Department and Item Selection
Modifier Items Prompting
Handles Unlimited Multiple Remote Printers

Kitchen Order Printing
Detailed Customer History
Purchase Orders
Multilevel Password Protection
Prints Reports to Screen, Printer
Detailed Profitability Reports
Online Credit Card Processing

Restaurant Features

Table Layout for Quick Table selection
Dining Room Table Management
User Definable remote printing
Customer Tabs
Splitting checks

Multiple Credit Cards on One Receipt
On Screen Keyboard
Happy Hour Specials
Order Filling Screen for Kitchen Monitor
Employee Card Swipe Support
Party Size Prompting
Customer Loyalty Features
Individual Customer Order Tracking
Order Status Prompting

Fast Food and Delivery

Phone Order Processing
Invoice Notes for Delivery
Fast Customer Entry
Order Filling Station
Store Unlimited Customers

Add Customers from any station
Easy Search by customer number or name
Print Extra Order to printer
Coupons on the receipts
Password Protection
Employee Swipe Cards
Works with Weight Scales
Prints To Stay, To Go or Delivery on remote printer
Easy Invoice on Hold
Support Multiple Stations
Supports pictures in buttons

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